Competitive Exams Question Papers

TANCET M.E./M.TECH/M.ARCH – Solved Question Paper – 2016 CIVIL ENGINEERING – Part 1

1. Maximum external tension in any bolt should not exceed the proof load of the bolt by
A) 0.8 times B) 0.6 times
C) 0.4 times D) 0.2 times

2. Rise in temperature of a member in a pin jointed frame causes
A) Compressive force in the member
B) Tensile force in the member
C) Bending in the member
D) No effect

3. Which one of the following arch is statically determinate?
A) Three hinged arch
B) Two hinged arch
C) Fixed arch
D) Flexible arch

4. Di-Calcium silicate
A) Hydrates rapidly
B) Generates less heat of hydration
C) Reacts with water only
D) Generates more heat of hydration

5. The insoluble residue in cement should be less than
A) 4.5% B) 3.5%
C) 2.5% D) 1.5%

6. The maximum permissible shear stress for M25 concrete as per IS 456 : 2000 in Limit State Method of design is
A) 1.25 N/mm2 B) 1.5 N/mm2
C) 1.75 N/mm2 D) 2.0 N/mm2

7. Proof resilience is the maximum energy stored at
A) Elastic Limit
B) Elasto Plastic Limit
C) Plastic Limit
D) Limit of Proportionality

8. Method of joints is applicable when the number of unknown member forces at the joint under consideration is not more than
A) One B) Two
C) Three D) Four

9. For a determinate pin jointed plane frame, the relation between the number of joints j and the number of members m is given by
A) m = 2j – 3 B) m = 3j – 6
C) m = 2j + 3 D) m = 3j – 2

10. The relationship between the Radius of Curvature (R), Bending Moment (M) and Flexural Rigidity (EI) is
A) R = M / EI B) M = EI / R
C) EI = R / M D) E = MI /R

11. Shear stress on the principal plane is
A) Zero
B) Maximum
C) Minimum
D) Half the principal stress

12. The relationship between the Young’s Modulus (E), Bulk Modulus (K) and Poissions ratio (µ) is
A) E = 2K (1–2µ) B) E = 3K (1+2µ)
C) E = 3K (1–2µ) D) E = 2K (1–3µ)

13. The most common admixture which is used to accelerate the initial setting time of concrete is
A) Gypsum
B) Calcium chloride
C) Calcium carbonate
D) Sodium chloride

14. The main ingredients of Portland cement are
A) Lime and silica B) Lime and alumina
C) Silica and iron D) Lime and iron

15. Plywood is made by bonding together thin layers of wood in such a way that the angle between grains of any layer to grains of adjacent layers is
A) 0° B) 30°
C) 45° D) 90°

16. In beams the general assumption “Plane sections remain plane even after bending” is valid only where the shear deformations are negligible in
A) Deep beams
B) Deep and Shallow beams
C) Shallow beams
D) Edge beams

17. Identify the correct statement which corresponds to accelerator : retarder
A) CaCl2 : CaSO4 B) NaCI : CaCl2

18. Lifting a horizontal wooden beam of length ‘L’ at two points ________ from the ends substantially reduces the lifting bending stresses
A) 0.207 L B) 0.217 L
C) 0.227 L D) 0.237 L

19. Theological properties of concrete are independent of
A) Water content B) Aggregate shape
C) Type of mixer D) Temperature

20. Williot-Mohr Diagram provides a method for determining the absolute displacements of joints of
A) Frames structures
B) Articulated structures
C) Tall structures
D) Long span structures


Answer :

  1. (C) 2. (B)  3.      (A)  4.      (B)  5.      (D) 6.      (C)  7.      (A)  8.      (C) 9.       (A)  10.    (B)
  2. (A) 12.  (C)    13.  (B)    14.  (A)    15. (D)    16.  (A)    17.  (A)    18. (B)      19.  (C)    20.  (A)

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