Competitive Exams Question Papers

TANCET M.E./M.TECH/M.ARCH – Solved Question Paper – 2016 CIVIL ENGINEERING – Part 2

21. The disk of the prismatic compass is graduated in
A) Clockwise direction starting with Zero at North
B) Clockwise direction starting with Zero at South
C) Anticlockwise direction starting with Zero at North
D) Anticlockwise direction starting with Zero at South

22. A point denotes the shifting of the level is called as
A) Centre point
B) Control point
C) Intermediate point
D) Change point

23. A method to determine the horizontal distance between two inaccessible points with the help of observation using theodolite and chain is
A) Triangulation B) Trilateration
C) Triangulateration D) Orientation

24. The curves used for railway lines are generally of
A) large radius B) medium radius
C) small radius D) very small radius

25. An important operation in hydrographic surveying is
A) lighting B) leveling
C) sounding D) waving

26. If the water content of a fully saturated soil mass is 100%, then the voids ratio of the sample is
A) less than specific gravity of soil
B) equal to specific gravity of soil
C) greater than specific gravity of soil
D) independent of specific gravity of soil

27. In hydrometer analysis for a soil mass
A) both meniscus correction and dispersing agent correction are additive
B) both meniscus correction and dispersing agent correction are subtractive
C) meniscus correction is additive and dispersing agent correction is subtractive
D) meniscus correction is subtractive and dispersing agent correction is additive

28. When the plastic limit of a soil is greater than the liquid limit, then the plasticity index is reported as
A) negative B) zero
C) non-plastic (NP) D) 1

29. The value of compression index for a remoulded sample whose liquid limit is 50% is
A) 0.028 B) 0.28
C) 0.36 D) 0.036

30. Which one of the following clay behaves like a dense sand?
A) Over-consolidated clay with a high over-consolidation ratio
B) Over-consolidated clay with a low over-consolidation ratio
C) normally consolidated clay
D) under-consolidated clay

31. Rankine’s theory of earth pressure assumes that the back of the wall is
A) plane and smooth
B) plane and rough
C) vertical and smooth
D) vertical and rough

32. If S, L and R are the arc length, Long Chord and the sliding circle then the perpendicular distance of the cohesive force, given by
A) a = S.R/L
B) a = L.S/R
C) a = L.R/S
D) None of the above

33. The minimum number of driven piles required to support column load
A) 1 B) 4
C) 2 D) 3
34. Laterally loaded short rigid pile fails due to
A) Bending of pile B) Rotation of pile
C) Buckling of pile D) None of the above

35. Suitable in-situ test to obtain the undrained strength in cohesionless soil stratum is
A) Standard penetration test
B) Cone penetration test
C) Vane shear test
D) Pressure meter test

36. If the coefficient of friction on the road surface is 0.15 and a maximum super-elevation 1 in 15 is provided, the maximum speed of the vehicles on a curve of 100 meter radius, is
A) 32.44 km/hour B) 42.44 kg/hour
C) 52.44 km/hour D) 62.44 km/hour

37. What will be the length of transition curve of a road with radius of curvature 50m and design speed of 60kmph as per rate of change of centrifugal acceleration formula
A) 80 m B) 100 m
C) 156 m D) 200 m

38. In a bituminous pavement alligator cracking is mainly due to
A) inadequate wearing course
B) inadequate thickness of sub base course of pavement
C) use of excessive bituminous material
D) fatigue arising from repeated stress applications

39. Weaving is
A) Merging
B) Diverging
C) Crossing
D) Merging, diverging and crossing

40. All red phase is
A) timing for exclusive pedestrian movements
B) timing for two wheeler movement
C) timing for cyclist movement
D) all of the above


  1. (B) 22. (D) 23.    (A)  24.    (A)  25.    (C) 26.    (B)  27.    (C)  28.    (B) 29.      (B)  30.    (A)
  2. (C) 32.  (C)    33.  (D)    34.  (B)    35. (C)    36.  (C)    37.  (C)    38. (D)     39.  (D)    40.  (D)

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