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TANCET M.E./M.TECH/M.ARCH – Solved Question Paper – 2016 CIVIL ENGINEERING – Part 3

40. All red phase is
A) timing for exclusive pedestrian movements
B) timing for two wheeler movement
C) timing for cyclist movement
D) all of the above

41. Triaxial compression test is conducted to determine
A) CBR value of various materials
B) elastic moduli of various materials
C) deflection of pavement
D) all of the above

42. Repair and maintenance of the underwater parts of the ship are carried out at
A) Quay B) Berth
C) Dry dock D) Jetty

43. Extra locomotive is required to push the train on tracks located on
A) momentum gradient
B) gradients in station
C) gradients steeper than ruling gradient
D) gradients in marshaling yard

44. Runways are designated with numbers calculated
A) as one tenth of the magnetic azimuth of the runways heading in degrees
B) as one tenth of the angle the runway heading makes with south
C) based on direction of wind
D) based on height above MSL

45. Sleeper density denotes the
A) length of the rail in meters
B) number of sleepers per rail length
C) density of sleeper
D) sleeping state of signals in fog condition

46. Rotometer is used to measure
A) Velocity of fluid in pipes
B) Velocity of gouges
C) Vortex flow
D) Flow of fluids

47. An ideal fluid is
A) Very viscous
B) One which obeys Newton’s law of viscosity
C) Frictionless and incompressible
D) A useful assumption in problems in conduit flow

48. The general energy equation is applicable to
A) Steady flow B) Unsteady flow
C) Non-uniform flow D) Turbulent flow

49. The hydraulic gradient is equal to
A) Angle of slope of channel Total length of channel
B) Drop in pipe height Total length of channel
C) Wetted Perimeter Total length of channel
D) Head loss due friction Total length of channel

50. Which two forces are most important in laminar flow between closely spaced parallel plates
A) Inertia, Viscous B) Pressure, Inertia
C) Gravity, Pressure D) Viscous, Pressure

51. The branch of hydrology which deals with water in natural or artificial reservoirs is known as
A) Potamology B) Limnology
C) Pedothydrology D) Geohydrology

52. In a psychrometric chart, the abscissa represents
A) Dry bulb temperature
B) Wet bulb temperature
C) Relative humidity
D) Specific humidity

53. A hydrograph is a plot of
A) Precipitation against time
B) Direct run off against time
C) Stream flow against time
D) Surface run off against time

54. A 100 years peak discharge means
A) A maximum discharge which occurs in 101st year
B) A maximum discharge of 100 year recurrence interval
C) An average of peak discharge of preceding 100 years
D) The peak discharge during preceding years will occur 100 years after that

55. An aquifer is
A) A permeable geological stratum in which there is storage of ground water
B) A geological stratum which does not have underground water upto 30 m
C) An area where ground water remains at saturation level throughout the year
D) All of the above

56. The transitional middle portion of a logistic curve follows
A) a logarithmic growth
B) a geometric growth
C) a first over curve
D) a constant rate

57. The acceptable limit of chloride (as Cl) in domestic water supply as per ISI0500-2012 is:
A) 400 mg/L B) 200 mg/L
C) 250 mg/L D) 1000 mg/L
58. If the moisture content of a sludge is reduced from 98% to 96% the volume of sludge will decrease by
A) 2% B) 20%
C) 25% D) 50%
59. Air pollution from automobiles can be controlled by fitting:
A) Cyclone separator
B) Electrostatic precipitator
C) Catalytic converter
D) Wet scrubber

60. The mean sound level from the following two readings 25 dBA and 40 dBA will be
A) 39.52 dBA B) 40.00 dBA
C) 32.50 dBA D) 37.12 dBA

Answers :

  1. (B) 42. (C) 43.    (C)  44.    (A)  45.    (B) 46.    (D)  47.    (C)  48.    (A) 49.     (D)  50.    (A)
  2. (B) 52.  (A)    53.  (B)    54.  (B)    55. (D)    56.  (D)    57.  (C)    58. (D)     59.  (C)    60.  ()


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