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today quiz for general knowledge – 05-08-2020

21. What is the outlay proposed for the year 2011-12 announced in railway Budget (economy)
A) 57,630 crore
B) 67,630 crore
C) 45,980 crore
D) None of the above

22. According to the union budget (2011-12)
a substantial increase in allocation for Defence is
A) 1,64,415 crore
B) 1,74,415 crore
C) 1,54,415 crore
D) 1,65,415 crore

23. Direct tax code will come in to force on
A) 1st April 2012 B) 1st April 2011
C) 1st june 2011 D) 1st may 2012

24. What was the newspaper edited by Gandhi till 1933
A) Sarvodaya B) Times of India
C) Wardha D) young India

25. Which one of the following is a Surface to Air missile?
A) Agni B) Brahmos
C) Kk-14 sagarika D) Trishul

26. Insulin was discovered by
A) Chandi B) F.Banting
C) Ronald rose D) Wakesman

27. The accounting year of RBI runs from
A) April to March B) July to June
C) February to March
D) January to December

28. Human development index was developed by
A) Mahbub –ul- Haq B) Montek singh
C) Amarya sen D) Bradman

29. Clove the commonly used spice is obtained from
A) Fruit B) Stem
C) Root D) Flower bud

30. What is the most commonly used substance used in fluorescent tubes?
A) Sodium oxide and argon
B) Sodium vapour and argon
C) Mercury vapour and argon
D) Mercury oxide and neon


21. (A) 22. (D) 23. (A) 24. (D) 25. (D) 26. (B) 27. (A) 28. (A) 29. (D) 30.

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