Competitive Exams General Awareness General Knowledge Quiz Question Answers

today quiz for general knowledge – 06-08-2020

31. The number Padma Vibhushan Awardees in 2011 is
A) 13 B) 15
C) 17 D) 16

32. Among the following who has been elected by the sangeet Natak Academy as its fellow ship
A) Nataraj Ramakrishnan
B) Girija Devi
C) Both a & b
D) None of the above

33. The Committee on Telungana issue was headed by
A) Justice Lahote B) Justice Sri Krishna
C) Justice Khare D) Shunglu

34. Who won the Noble Prize for Peace in 2009?
A) Abdul Kalam B) Obama
C) Aung Sann Suu Kyi
D) None of these

35. Which movie swept Golden Globe Award 2011?
A) The social Network
B) The inheritance of lost
C) The Black swan
D) The King’s Speech

36. Hossi Mubarack was recently deposed from his position as the president of which country?
A) Libya B) Egypt
C) South Africa D) Tunisia

37. The first DSC prize for south Asian Literature was bagged by
A) Salman Rhusdie B) Anita Devi
C) H.N.Naqvi D) Arundathi rai

38. The 98th Indian science Congress was held in January 2011 in
A) Chennai B) Ahmadabad
C) Hyderabad D) Shillong

39. Which Italian built tank which was recently inducted into Indian Navy is
A) INS Deepak B) INS Arihant
C) INS Vijayant D) INS Vishwant

40. The National voter’s day is celebrated on
A) January 24 B) January 25
C) January 27 D) February 5


31. (A)  32. (C)  33. (B)  34. (B)  35. (D)  36. (B)  37. (C)  38. (A)  39. (A)  40. (B)

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