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today quiz for general knowledge – 08-08-2020

51. Muscle Fatigue occurs due to the accumulation of which acid in human?
A) Lactic acid B) Pyruvic acid
C) Uric acid D) Oxalic acid

52. Which is the only state in India that has Common civil code?
A) Pondicherry B) Gujarat
C) Goa D) Sikkim

53. National Horticulture Mission was Launched in which five Year Plan?
A) Tenth B) Ninth
C) Seventh D) Fourth

54. ADHAR is a
A) program to give giudence to senior citizen
B) Program to provide identity card to Indian residents
C) To train young youth
D) None of the above

55. Project ARROW is associated with
A) Welfare of the scheduled tribes
B) Provide a shape and identity to Indian postal offices
C) A wing of the Armed force
D) A wing of Navy to combat Pirates in sea

56. Which south Asian country has adopted the Gross Happiness as an index of well being of its citizens?
A) India B) Bhutan
C) Sri Lanka D) Myanmar

57. Which on e of the following is not aircraft?
A) Jaguar B) Dornier
C) Sarath (BMPII) D) MIG 27 M

58. National Inland Navigation institute is situated in
A) Patna B) Kolkatta
C) Goa D) Uttarkhand

59. Which state has setup a uppercaste commission to study the condition of economically and socially backward castes
A) Rajasthan B) Bihar
C) Madhya Pradesh D) Andra Pradesh

60. Who headed the task force to suggest ways of giving kerosene, cooking gas and fertilizers subsidies to beneficiaries directly?
A) Shunglu B) C.Rangarajan
C) Nandan Neilakani D) Usha Thorat

Answers :

51. (A)   52. (C)   53. (A)   54. (B)   55. (B)   56. (B)   57. (C)   58. (A)   59. (B)   60. (C)

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