Competitive Exams General Awareness General Knowledge Quiz Question Answers

today quiz for general knowledge – 09-08-2020

61. What is the name of the Cyclone that hit Australia in February 2011?
A) Yasi B) Alizee
C) Falcon D) Rosi

62. In which state the first ever state wide school based mass deworming programme was launched with the help of US NGO, Deworm the world?
A) Tamil Nadu B) Goa
C) Andra Pradesh D) Bihar

63. Which port in India was renamed as V.O.Chidambaram Pillai port trust in 2011?
A) Kochi B) Kandla
C) Ennore D) Ttuticorin
64. In which state the folk painting Madhubani is popular?
A) West Bengal B) Odisha
C) Bihar D) Manipur

65. Who among the following won the Indira Gandhi peace prize in 2010
A) Aung San Sue Kyi
B) Luiz Inacio Lula D Silva
C) Elbaradei
D) Hasina Begum

66. Which of the following schemes was launched for adolescent girls in 2010?
A) SABALA B) Aadhar
C) ASHA D) Swawlamban

67. The award given by UNESCO is
A) kalinga prize B) Pulitzer prize
C) Right Live hood Prize
D) Oscar award

68. The world is divided into
A) 12 time zones B) 20 time zones
C) 24 time zones D) 36 time zones

69. World Gold Council is located in
A) India B) USA
C) UK D) China

70. After 1991, the Centra] Govemment
implemented various far-reaching reforms in the area of taxation. This was based onthe recommendations of the
A) Wanchoo Committee
B) Rajah Chelliah Committee
C) Raj Coimnittee
D) Narsimhan Committee



61. (A) 62. (D) 63. (D) 64. (C) 65. (B) 66. (A) 67. (A) 68. (A) 69. (C) 70. (D)

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