Competitive Exams General Awareness General Knowledge Quiz Question Answers

today quiz for general knowledge – 12-08-2020

91. Which of the following is the venue of the next Climate Change Conference in 2011?
A) Cape Town B) Johannesburg
C) East London D) Durban

92. Which European country has decided to abolish compulsory military service after more than 50 years recently?
A) Japan B) UK
C) Germany D) Russia

93. Chernobyl power plant, which was the site of the last nuclear accident in 1986, was opened as a tourist destination recently. In which country was the nuclear power plant located?
A) Russia B) Ukraine
C) Belarus D) Kazakhstan

94. What was the share of NRIs in foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows into India in
A) 1.37% B) 5.1%
C) 13.7% D) 22.4%

95. Kunlun is which country’s station at the Antarctica?
A) China B) Japan
C) South Korea D) USA

96. Which of the following is being built by NASA to replace Hubble Space Telescope in 2014?
A) Michael D. Griffin Telescope
B) James Webb Space Telescope
C) Keith Glennan Space Telescope
D) Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer Spitzer Space Telescope

97. Who headed the Committee on small savings in Jan. 2011?
A) Dr. Subir Gokarn B) Y.H. Malegam
C) Shyamala Gopinath
Dr. K. C. Chakrabarty

98. Operation Vijay’ was observed on December 16, 2010 to pay homage to the martyrs in liberation of which of the following?
A) Hyderabad B) Pondicherry
C) Goa D) Junagadh

99. The ‘Little India’ district was inaugurated in which country by Former Prime Minister Manmohan?
A) Thailand B) Philippines
C) Singapore D) Malaysia

100. Which oil company is being sued by the U.S. Justice for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill last year under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 recently?
A) BP B) Chevron Corp
C) Total D) ExxonMobil Corp

91. (D)   92. (C)   93. (B)   94. (A)   95. (A)   96. (B)   97. (C)   98. (C)   99. (D)   100. (A)

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