Competitive Exams General Awareness General Knowledge Quiz Question Answers

today quiz for general knowledge – 13-08-2020

101. Compass is the satellite navigation and positioning network launched by which country?
A) South Korea B) China
C) Japan D) Australia

102. The UN sponsored REDD + programme refers to which of the following?
A) Conservation of forests
B) Protection of endangered monuments
C) Prevention of communicable diseases
D) Entrepreneurship development in developing countries

103. Which of the following recently entered into a strategic tie up with National Innovation Foundation to set up the ‘Khoj Lab’ to support grassroots innovations and create a marketplace for them?
A) Infosys Foundation
B) IISc., Bangalore
C) Future Group D) Tata Sons

104. GRIHA rating system is used for which of the following?
A) Cement
B) Non-Banking Financing Companies
C) Buildings D) Gold

105. Which SAARC member country observed its National Day on December 17?
A) Pakistan B) Nepal
C) Bangladesh D) Bhutan

106. Which of the following pairs of countries and revolutions is/are correctly matched?
I. Rose Revolution of 2003 – Georgia
II. Orange Revolution of 2004 – Ukraine
III. Tulip Revolution of 2005 – Kyrgyzstan
A) I only B) I and II only
C) III only D) I, II and III

107. Ganjifa cards’ is a handicraft speciality of which place?
A) Agra B) Mysore
C) Lucknow D) Hyderabad

108. What is the slogan for Census 2011?
A) Count yourself in
B) Count on me, everyone counts
C) Our Census Our Future
D) Be present, because you count

109. “Dera-ki-Gali” has been planned as the first eco-tourism project in which of the following states?
A) Haryana B) Rajasthan
C) Jammu & Kashmir
D) Himachal Pradesh

110. The term ‘round-tripping’ often appears in financial news these days. What does it mean?
A) Importing products that are not easily available in the domestic markets
B) Indian companies re-exporting imported products without any value addition
C) Foreign companies outsourcing manufacturing to Indian companies to take advantage of low labour costs
D) Bringing back illicit money hidden abroad by Indians under a different name


101. (B)   102. (A)   103. (C)   104. (C)   105. (D)   106. (D)   107. (B)   108. (C) 109. (C)  110. (D)

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