Competitive Exams General Awareness General Knowledge Quiz Question Answers

today quiz for general knowledge – 14-08-2020

111. What is India’s maiden solar mission named?
A) Surya-1 B) Aditya-1
C) Prakash-1 D) Ravi-1

112. Which country’s gold output of 340.88 tonnes was the highest in the world in 2010?
A) Canada B) South Africa
C) China D) USA

113. Which advertising agency was in news recently for creating the ‘Enumerator’ mascot for Census 2011?
A) Bates 141
B) DDB India(Doyle Dane Bernbach)
C) JWT India
D) Rediffusion – Y&R

114. S. Sundar Committee is related to
A) Land Acquisition Act, 1894
B) Copyright Act, 1957
C) Right to Information Act, 2005
D) Motor Vehicles Act, 1988

115. Belo Monte dam, world’s third largest dam, to be built in which country?
A) Brazil B) United States
C) Australia D) Russia

116. Who headed the Committee on ethanol pricing?
A) S. Chaudhuri B) M. Govinda Ra
C) Vijay Shankar Vyas
d) Rakesh Mohan

117. Where is India’s second National Institute of Design coming up?
A) Bongaigaon B) Dibrugarh
C) Jorhat D) Kamrup

118. Which country holds the Presidency of G20 in 2011?
A) South Africa B) Mexico
C) South Korea D) France

119. Where was the G20 annual Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting organised in 2011?
A) Mexico City B) Canberra
C) Paris D) London

120. Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Memorial Award 2011 for National Integration, conferred on journalist M. J. Akbar recently, is given by which state government every year?
A) Assam B) Sikkim
C) West Bengal D) Uttar Pradesh


111. (B) 112. (C) 113. (B) 114. (D) 115. (A) 116. (A) 117. (C) 118. (D) 119. (C) 120. (A)

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