Competitive Exams General Awareness General Knowledge Quiz Question Answers

today quiz for general knowledge – 17-08-2020

141. Which of the following has decided to launch an economic survey of India recently?
A) World Bank B) OECD

142. What is India’s rank in Index of Government Economic Power (IGEP), according to the Economic Survey 2010-11 unveiled recently?
A) Third B) Fourth
C) Fifth D) Sixth

143. In which state India’s first International Container Trans-shipment Terminal project is launched
A) Tamil Nadu B) Gujarat
C) Karnataka D) Kerala

144. Which non-cricketing personality was awarded honorary life membership by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) recently?
A) John Major
B) Lord Meghnad Desai
C) Dalai Lama
D) Desmond Tutu

145. What was India’s share in global agricultural exports in 2009?
A) 0.81% B) 1.43%
C) 2.71% D) 3.25%

146. Who was the Chairperson of the High Powered Expert Committee on Urban Infrastructure which submitted its report to the Urban Development Ministry recently?
A) Dr Isher Ahluwalia
B) Nasser Munjee
C) Dr Nachiket Mor
D) Dr Rajiv Lall

147. The ‘Legal Information Institute (LII) of India’ launched recently, is a joint project developed by legal education institutions of India and ……………
A) Britain B) USA
C) Canada D) Australia

148. The Bhagwat Award conferred on P. Naren recently is given for achievements in the field of:
A) Economy B) Nephrology
C) Cardiology D) Psychiatry

149. Chameli Devi Jain Award, is given to which field?
A) Poetry B) Education
C) Agriculture D) Media

150. Which of the following has won a contract to publish the ‘Rail Bandhu’ magazine for Indian Railways recently?
A) The Tribune
B) The Indian Express
C) Hindustan Times
D) The Pioneer KNOWLEDGE



141. (B)  142. (C)  143. (D)  144. (D)  145. (B)  146. (A)  147. (D)  148. (D)  149. (D) 150. (D)

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