Competitive Exams General Awareness General Knowledge Quiz Question Answers

today quiz for general knowledge – 18-08-2020

151. India’s Research Station in Antarctica is
A) Maitri B) Shivalik
C) Aravali D) Saraswati

152. Which of the following Countries recently joined the G-20 as its 21st member?
A) East Timor B) Ukraine
C) Uruguay D) Indonesia

153. How many languages are enlisted in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India?
A) 16 B) 18
C) 21 D) 22

154. FERA was changed into FEMA in 1998. FEMA stands for
A) Foreign Exchange Management Administration
B) Foreign Exchange Management Act
C) Foreign Exchange Maintenance Act
D) Foreign Exchange Monitoring Act

155. What is the mascot for the 2010 Commonwealth Games held in New Delhi?
A) Lion B) Tiger
C) Peacock D) Zebra

156. The UN Secretary-General, Mr.Ban-Ki-Moon belongs to
A) Egypt B) South Korea
C) Kenya D) Ethiopia

157. Gir National Park is in the State of
A) Gujarat B) Rajasthan
C) Maharashtra D) Madhya Pradesh

158. Which of the following is correctly matched?
A) Golden Temple – Patiala
B) Iron Pillar – Agra
C) Qutab Minar – Mathura
D) Humayun’s Tomb – Delhi

159. The United Nations’ Day is celebrated on
A) October 24 B) October 2
C) June 6 D) November 14

160. X-rays cannot pass through
A) Paper B) Flesh
C) Bones D) Water



151. (A)  152. (C)  153. (D)  154. (B)  155. (B)  156. (B)  157. (A)  158. (D)  159. (A) 160. (C)

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