Competitive Exams General Awareness General Knowledge Quiz Question Answers

today quiz for general knowledge – 25-08-2020

221. Radcliff line is a boundary line between
A) India & China B) India & Pakistan
C) Pakistan & China
D) Pakistan & Afghanistan

222. UNESCO has declared the Airavatesvara temple of Darasuram as one of the ‘World Heritage Monuments’. Where is the temple situated?
A) Kerala B) Uttarakhand
C) Tamil Nadu D) Orissa

223. Who is the recipient of 2010 Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award?
A) Anju Bobby George
B) Saina Nehwal
C) Rahul Dravid D) Sushil Kumar

224. What is the playing time of the full version of National Anthem?
A) 10 seconds B) 2 minutes
C) 52 seconds D) None of these

225. What is the name of India’s first scientific satellite?
A) SLV III B) Aryabhatta
C) Bhaskara D) Apple

226. How to quench a petrol fire?
A) By throwing sand
B) By throwing dust
C) By throwing water
D) By throwing gunny bags

227. The words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ have been taken from
A) Vedas B) Bhagwad Gita
C) Mundaka Upanishad
D) Mahabharata

228. Which temple has India’s longest corridor?
A) Kasi Vishwanathar Temple
B) Rameswaram Ramanathaswamy temple
C) Srirangam Ranganathar temple
D) Mahakali temple, Ujjain

229. Which one of the following cells is rechargeable?
A) Daniel cell B) Leclanche cell
C) Lead cell D) Volta cell

230. The first astronaut to set foot on the Moon was
A) Yuri Gagarin B) Neil Armstrong
C) Alan Shepherd D) Edwin Aldrin


221. (B)  222. (C)  223. (B)  224. (C)  225. (C)  226. (A)  227. (C)  228. (B)  229. (A) 230. (B)

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