Competitive Exams General Awareness General Knowledge Quiz Question Answers

today quiz for general knowledge – 26-08-2020

231. Which of the following is not a computer language?
A) I.B.M. B) ADA

232. ‘Binary Codes’ as used in computer sciences are codes made up of which of the following two numbers?
A) 0 and 9 B) 1 and 3
C) 0 and 1 D) 9 and 1

233. ‘Truth, Godliness and Beauty’ is the
motto of
A) Deptt. of Tourism
C) Railways D) Doordarshan

234. Indian Naval Academy is located at
A) Kochi B) Visakhapatnam
C) Mumbai D) Chennai

235. What does white colour in our National Flag stand for?
A) Courage B) Renunciation
C) Truth and Peace D) Faith

236. The number of pincode zones in India is
A) 6 B) 7
C) 8 D) 9

237. ‘To convert Fahrenheit into Centigrade: subtract A, multiply by B, and divide by C. In this A, B and C respectively stand for
A) 5, 32 and 9 B) 32, 9 and 5
C) 32, 5 and 9 D) 9, 32 and 5

238. The state which produces the largest quantity of wheat is
A) Haryana B) Rajasthan
C) Uttar Pradesh D) Punjab

239. Hawa Mahal is located at
A) Chennai B) Mumbai
C) Delhi D) Jaipur

240. Silvassa is the capital of the Union Territory of
A) Andaman and Nicobar
B) Lakshadweep
C) Dadra and Nagar Haveli
D) Daman and Diu



231. (A) 232. (C) 233. (A) 234. (A) 235. (C) 236. (A) 237. (D) 238. (D) 239. (D) 240. (C)

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